The Mighty and the Almighty: Foreign Policy and God - Full Issue

Reflections Fall 2004; The Mighty and the Almighty: Foreign Policy and God

The Mighty and the Almighty: Foreign Policy and God

CoverIn this intense political season religion has been playing a major role in public life. Presidential candidates have been routinely grilled on issues of private and public morality and “God” appears as a warrant for various political positions. This issue of Reflections continues a long tradition at Yale Divinity School of thinking about the relationship between religion and public life, without focusing simply on the intense concerns of the moment.
–Dean Harold W. Attridge
From the Dean’s Desk

The borderless nature of religious faith often makes it easier for leaders to talk to one another; easier for nations to agree on common values; and easier for people from vastly different backgrounds to reach a consensus about moral standards.
—Madeleine K. Albright
The Mighty and the Almighty:
Foreign Policy and God


  • From the Dean’s Desk

  • From the Editor


  • The Mighty and the Almighty: United States Foreign Policy and God by Madeleine K. Albright

  • Anxious About Empire: A Conversation with Professor Wesley Avram

  • Partnership in Hope: Gender, Faith, and Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa by Margaret A. Farley

  • Politics and Salt by John E. Hare

  • Letters to a Young Doubter by William Sloan Coffin ‘56

  • When America Can Say, “I’m Back!” by James A. Forbes

  • The Third World Is Just Around the Corner by R. Clifton Spargo ‘93

  • “Ministry” with Societies in Transition: An Interview with Ambassador William Lacy Swing ‘60

  • On Mammon and Manna by Clifton Kirkpatrick ‘68

  • The Last Word: What Does Madeleine Albright’s Address Say about the Character of Contemporary Christianity? by Stanley Hauerwas ‘65


  • Shades by Dianne Bilyak ‘06

  • My Father, in Heaven, Is Reading Out Loud by Li-Young Lee

  • Storm Front by Joel Hanisek ‘06

  • Apropos the Dark Night of the Soul by Thomas Farrington


All photographic artwork by
Gabriel Amadeus Cooney
Harold W. Attridge, Publisher