Contents - Sex and the Church


  • From the Dean’s Desk

  • From the Editor


  • Sex as a Spiritual Exercise
    Daniel A. Helminiak

  • Black Church Homophobia: What to Do About It?
    Kelly Brown Douglas

  • Embracing the Erotic: The Church’s Unfinished Sexual Revolution
    James B. Nelson

  • It’s About Sex…Not Homosexuality
    Dale B. Martin

  • The Black Church and Sexuality
    Bishop John L. Selders

  • Sexuality and Scripture: What Else Does the Bible Have to Say?
    Rev. Debra W. Haffner

  • Neither Male nor Female: Understanding the Complexities of Sex and Gender
    Virginia Ramey Mollencott

  • Celibacy as Charism
    Donald Cozzens

  • The Church’s “Sexual Crises”: It’s Not about Sex
    Marie M. Fortune

  • Homosexuality and Dr. Dobson: What’s at Stake in American Christianity?
    Ludger Viefhues-Bailey

  • Tasting the Wine: The Nun, the filmmaker, and the Risk of Freedom
    Michael Bernard Kelly


  • The Pomegranate
    Martha Serpas

  • True Story Magazine
    Meredith Farmer Grubbs


  • William Loader: Sexuality and the Jesus Position
    Timothy Luckritz Marquis

  • Good Sex: Feminist Perspectives from the World’s Religions
    Christiana Peppard


  • Harold W. Attridge, Publisher

  • Jamie L. Manson, Editor

  • Peter W. Johnson, Graphic Design, YaleRIS

  • Maria Vaspasiano, Art Intern

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