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Fall 2014 | At Risk: Our Food, Our Water, Ourselves

This issue of Reflections was produced in a spirit of urgency and care about the interlocking complexity of food and water and environmental debates, and with conviction that people of faith must join the fray.

Joining might mean starting a community garden on the church grounds. Or it might mean exercising our voices in very public ways to ensure that basic human rights – including the right to food security and the right to clean water – are front and center in our national and international conversations.

People of faith bring a perspective to these unyielding challenges that other discussants lack: God has given us the responsibility to be stewards of earth. It involves a Janus-like capacity to look in two directions at once. As creatures, we must be wary of Tower of Babel-like arrogance and overreach, but as creatures in God’s image we must also be willing to apply our intelligence and creativity to human problems.

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