Angel of Dark and Fire

By Laura Reece Hogan

My angel most certainly
dwells in darkness and fire.
She my assigned warrior
battles night and chaos.

She lives in the crags
between asleep and awake.
Sword glinting, eyes
a steely might in my favor.

Born fire from Fire
she is of the Fire I love.
You, set in my heart,
set as a seal, burning,

You encircle me, you
make flame her buckler.
Why should I fear?
She prevails, powerful
sentry in this world; yet
she dissolves, forceful
magnet to the next.

Darkness is yet light
in that kingdom.
A temporary blindness
which opens wide.

“Angel of Dark and Fire” from Litany of Flights by Laura Reece Hogan
Copyright © 2020 by Laura Reece Hogan. Used by permission of Paraclete Press