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Spring 2018 | Let’s Talk: Confronting Our Divisions

“There are centrifugal forces that are threatening to tear churches apart or to sequester us into monochrome and monolithic units. Will we have red churches and blue churches or will we have churches that are mixed? Will we have black churches and white churches or will we have integrated churches?”

From the Dean’s Desk - Spring 2018

A vigorous Christianity that stands for gospel compassion, political reform, and meaningful communication is desperately needed in America’s heartland.

In many town and country settings,...

…what happens when differences of opinion turn toxic? What is the effect on the commonweal when we only hear news and views that support beliefs we already hold?

Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware is a member of the Senate Appropriations, Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Ethics committees. He is known for his bipartisan...