A Magazine of Theological and Ethical Inquiry from Yale Divinity School

Full Issues for Print and Sharing

Below are the full issues of Reflections in PDF format. You are invited to save, print, and share these issues for non-commercial purposes.

2004 Fall/Winter - Violence and Theology

2006 Fall/Winter - The Future of the Prophetic Voice

2006 Spring - Sex and the Church

2007 Fall - Faith and Citizenship in Turbulent Times

2008 Spring - Between Babel and Beatitude: The Bible in the 21st Century

2008 Fall - Who Is My Neighbor? Facing Immigration

2009 Spring - The Fire Next Time: Faith and the Future of Nuclear Weapons

2009 Fall - How Firm a Foundation? Churches Face the Future

2010 Spring - Money and Morals after the Crash

2010 Fall - No More Excuses: Confronting Poverty

2011 Spring - Women’s Journeys: Progress and Peril

2011 Fall - iBelieve: Faith in the Age of Social Media

2012 Spring - Seize the Day: Vocation, Calling, Work

2012 Fall - Who Are We? American Values Revisited

2013 Spring - The Future of Race

2013 Fall - Test of Time: The Art of Aging

2014 Spring - Seeking the Light: A New Generation

2014 Fall - At Risk: Our Food, Our Water, Ourselves

2015 Spring - Divine Radiance: Keeping Faith with Beauty

2015 Fall - New Voyages: Church Today and Tomorrow

2016 Spring - All Together Now: Pluralism and Faith

2016 Fall - Spirit and Politics: Finding Our Way

2017 Spring - God and Money: Turning the Tables

2017 Fall - Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter

2018 Spring - Let’s Talk: Confronting Our Divisions

2018 Fall - Sex, Gender, Power: A Reckoning

2019 Spring - Crucified Creation: A Green Faith Rising

2019 Fall - Resistance and Blessing: Women, Ministry, and YDS

2020 Spring - Hard Times, Gospel Values