Graphic: Boundary of Disconnect

Jason F. McLennan

In this graphic [click to view a larger image], created by Jason F. McLennan, Boundary of Disconnect outlines the historic shift in technology that gave humans a nearly complete separation from nature in daily life.
Lost Ecological Interlude refers to the period of time where humanity had enough scientific evidence of the threat of climate change and other global environmental threats and yet did nothing about it.
Homo Sapiens Bottleneck predicts a period of upheaval, perhaps between 2030 and 2100, when civilization must come to grips with the ordeal of extreme weather, economic disruptions, and climate refugees on a huge scale.
Intentional Biophilic Age would represent a turning point of reconnection between civilization and the natural environment, through new forms of building design and energy consumption.
“With every passing month, year and decade of inactivity and denial, the consequences of our choices become more serious,” McLennan says.