Contents - End Times and End Games: Is Scripture Being Left Behind?


  • From the Dean’s Desk


  • Can We Trust the Bible?
    Harold W. Attridge

  • Integrating Apocalpticism into Modern Theology
    An Interview with Adela Yarbro Collins

  • Apocalyptic Violence and Politics: End-Times Fiction for Jews and Christians
    Barbara R. Rossing

  • Give Me that End-Time Religion: The Politicization of Prophetic Belief in Contemporary America
    Paul Boyer

  • The Struggle for the Hearts and Minds of the World’s Religious Conservatives: A Voice from the Front Lines
    Jennifer Butler and Glenn Zuber

  • Revelation’s Warning to Evangelicals: Left Behind May Be Hazardous to Our Health
    Tyler Wigg Stevenson

  • Recontextualizing Resistance: From the Shores of Patmos to the Barrios of East Los Angeles
    David A. Sánchez

  • Do We Have a Story to Tell?: Reflections on Barbara Rossing’s The Rapture Exposed
    Valarie Ziegler

  • Love Thine Political Enemy: Reflections on God’s Politics and the Teachers of Christ
    Becky Garrison

  • Contantine and the Theology of Crisis
    Mark Villano

  • Suspect Millennium: Remembering Apocalypse
    Harry O. Maier

  • From the Editor
    Imagining the Televised Apocalypse: Carnivále and The Courage to Be

    Jamie L. Manson


  • Visible World
    Richard Siken

  • The Second Coming
    W.B. Yeats


  • Harold W. Attridge, Publisher

  • Jamie L. Manson, Editor

  • John Lindner, Senior Advisor

  • Peter W. Johnson, Maura Gianakos, Graphic Design, YalePSC

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