Prefatory Prayer

By Samuel Slie

Lord, keep us from being so cloistered that we become educated to close our eyes to the need about us, or come to think that the learned are excused from the human struggle.

Help us to know that human wants are not finally met only by agencies, national programs or impersonal public good will. Rather, may our knowledge in every field make us more aware of the responsibility of those with special privilege to alleviate tragedy and to express compassion whenever necessary.

Help us to be sensitive to those moments, as well, when we may herald celebration and joy. Yet too often, O God, we cast aside thy Word to meet violence with violence or cowardice.

Help us to live a way of love in this age, between war and appeasement, lest our spirits perish. May all our learning serve the holy purpose of the achievement of peace in Thee.

Reverend Dr. Samuel Slie