Where We Live

By Louis Jenkins

It’s easy to get lost in the woods around here, to wander
around in circles, not 50 feet away from the path and
never see it. Beneath the canopy of trees not even your 
GPS will work. It leads to a lot of uncertainty. So if you
come to visit I can’t be very specific with my directions.
I can only give you probabilities. We leave a lot of notes
around as indicators: “Dentist Thur. 9:30,” “Eggs,”
“Pick up Mom.” It doesn’t always work. “Honey, what’s
this blank Post-It note stuck to the bathroom mirror all
about?” “Oh nothing,” she says.

“Where We Live” from Collected Poems by Louis Jenkins © 2023 by Ann Jenkins. Published by Will o’ the Wisp Books. Used with permission.