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  • From the Dean’s Desk

  • From the Editor: The Great Economy


  • Daring to Dream: Religion and the Future of the Earth
    Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

  • The Beginnings of a Beautiful Friendship:
    Religion and Environmentalism
    Roger Gottlieb

A Billion Trees, A Singular Voice
Wangari Maathai

Nature and Crate: Making Environmental Issues Matter for Christian Life
Willis Jenkins

How Big Should People Be?
a sermon by Bill McKibben

Earthkeeping and the Bible
Steven Bouma Prediger

Power, Light, and Hope: Fighting a Crisis, One State at a Time
Sally G. Bingham

Avoiding the Great Collision: “We Can Save What Is Left”
James Gustave Speth

NCCC Eco-justice Sermon Award Winner:”From Apocalypse to Genesis”
Janet Parker

Environmental justice and a New American Dream
Jerome Ringo

Uncommon Alliance : Connecting Faith and Environmentalism
Christopher Glenn Sawyer

After Katrina: Searching the Ruins for Resurrection
Ray Waddle

“Everything that Breathes Praises God”
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

New Moral Awakening, or How I Changed My Mind
Richard Cizik

Eco-ethics and Global Citizenship: A View from Central America
Roy May and Carlos Tamez

Vulnerability and Vision in El Salvador
Lisbeth Barahona

How Green Was Our Valley: The Garrison Institute
Jonathan F. P. Rose

Green Discipleship
Larry Rasmussen


Jeanie Graustein, Rachel Holmes, Cads Pryne, David Baumgart Turner


  • Wendell Berry, Joy Harjo, Naomi Long Madgett, Mary Oliver, Martha Serpas, Paul Willis

  • A Harvest of Selected Books for a Greening Faith

  • A Sampling of Websites


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