Our Present Help: A Prayer

Deonie Duncan '20 M.A.R.

We pray guided by the words of Psalm 46:

Compassionate, Comforting, Empowering God, you are our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Amid the turmoil in the world, your love is steadfast and your strength never fails.

We pray for those infected and all of us who are affected by COVID-19. We remember especially healthcare workers, first responders, persons in isolation and those who grieve the loss of their loved ones.

Your love is steadfast and your strength never fails.

Merciful God, grant order to the chaos of our racing minds and our pounding hearts. We remember especially those who are overwhelmed by the uncertainty, in particular those most vulnerable because of preexisting health conditions, and those who have lost, or will lose, their jobs.

Your love is steadfast and your strength never fails.

Compassionate God, grant courage and hope in the wake of this unprecedented path as we navigate and re-navigate our lives in this global crisis. We remember especially elected government officials, educational administrators, religious leaders and all policy-makers who are expected to offer decisive leadership in this time of crisis. We remember the medical scientists and researchers who are working assiduously to develop a vaccine or treatment.

Your love is steadfast and your strength never fails.

Empower us to be open to your unfolding purposes even as the waters around us roar and foam. Reassure us of your divine presence and peace with us, now and always.


Deonie Duncan ’20 M.A.R., is an ordained Baptist minister from Jamaica.