An Ancient-Future Congregation, in Its Own Words

Church of the Apostles (Seattle, WA) is a young, emerging, Episcopal and Lutheran mission congregation. We are a future church with an ancient faith … In the story of Jesus, we have glimpsed God’s future and know that “thiscouldchangeeverything.” So our purpose is to help god change everything, by participating in God’s future, within today’s culture and our local zip code, living and serving in intentional, sacramental community in the way of Jesus Christ.

WorshipApostles’ worship is neither “traditional” nor “contemporary” but ancient-future. Ancient-future liturgy speaks across generations and draws equally upon ancient (hymns, chant, candles, communion) and techno-modern (alt. rock, art, ambient, projection, video) sources, so there is no need to “check your culture at the door.” So, come as you are, wear your jeans, show your body art, tote your java, and be @ home spiritually, with God, and among friends.

Ways to serve: Church of the Apostles is a spiritual co-op for the soul. As a co-op, we share our gifts and talents in love of God, in community with each other, and in service to our world.

Values: Mission and friendship, authenticity and economy, community and friendship, service and mercy, tradition and innovation, truth and becoming, beauty and wisdom, joy and serendipity. (For example):

Joy and serendipity: Because Christ calls us to abundant life … we seek to live joyously in the light of God’s presence and celebrate the release and freedom that life in the spirit brings. Ever aware that the movements of the spirit are both uncontrollable and unpredictable, we seek only to surf the holy wind, breathe deep God’s holy presence and enjoy the holy ride.

Source: See the web site for a description of the church’s worship, values, ways to serve, home-group activities, theology pub, and other events.