Cover Art

Nalini Jayasuriya ’84 M.A.R. - Ark (front cover), God’s Singing Tree (back cover)

Nalini Jayasuriya, who died last year, was a Sri Lankan Christian painter, musician, sculptor, potter, writer, broadcaster, and lecturer. Her art reflected spiritual styles of East and West, using biblical themes to convey the world’s turbulence and wonder, the human search for God.

“The needs of all people are the same,” she wrote in A Time for My Singing: Witness of a Life, (Overseas Ministries Study Center, 2004) a book about her work. “They need protection from fear and a hope for blessing. There is a galaxy within us – an unpredictable portion of our being, beyond the constraints of the rational and the reasonable that can surprise the world with profound expressions of faith.”

Her work can be seen at the art gallery page at the Overseas Ministries Study Center website, She was artist-in-residence at OMSC, in New Haven,
CT, from 2001-2003.